GEO-CAM trail camera

billing and data plans

Billing Breakdown

Cameras are billed using a pay-as-you-go method, ensuring you only pay for the amount of data you actually use. If you have more than one camera on one billing plan, the data from each camera is pooled together for one total bill for the customer. The total bill includes a connection fee, data fee, SMS fee, and any optional add-ons for the camera(s). 

Connection Fee: 

Each camera that transmits data during a billing cycle will incur a $5 connection fee. On top of the $5 per active camera, you're charged for the total amount of data used across all cameras on your account, according to the Data Pricing chart below.

Data Pricing

Data is pooled across all cameras on an account, and as the usage increases, the cost decreases. 

The Ultimate Multi-Tool for Hunters

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